[Ronak and Himali contacted us to help them with their Spousal Work Permit application. Himali was already in Canada on a Study Permit and wanted our assistance in helping bring Ronak to Canada.

Once we took the case, we worked to ensure that we cover all grounds of inadmissibility and prove that Ronak will abide by the rules imposed on his permit. Along with providing financial proof, proof of ties to home country, etc. we also included powerful letters that made the whole case much stronger.

In about 15 days we got an Approval for Ronak’s open work permit application. Ronak is now in Canada with Himali and we wish Ronak and Himali the best of luck for their future.

We reached Ronak and Himali for their feedback on this entire process with Visagram. Here’s what they have to say

I got some great reviews about Visagram from a friend that they are very professional with 100% success rate.

Tell us a little about your story. Why did you decide to come to study in Canada?

I always wanted to complete my masters from outside India but due to some unavoidable reasons I never had a chance to pursue it. After marriage my husband encouraged me to pursue my dream and finally I reached my destination on 27th December 2018.

How difficult was it to leave your spouse behind and to find your way here?

Family was always my priority and that was the main reason I always delayed my decision to pursue studies in Canada. But Ronak and I knew that for a better future we have to sacrifice a little bit and even stay away from each other. In the whole process staying away from my husband was the most difficult part. We got married only last year and never ever thought that we will have to stay away for a couple of months. Now that Visagram has helped us, the period of separation has, thankfully, come to an end

After marriage we have taken all our decisions together. When he used to be by my side, every difficult task looked very easy but here I was travelling to a totally new country without him and that thought was making me very nervous. Ronak was also worried about how I would manage everything on my own because I had never before gone out of country alone. So this was the biggest worry and nervousness that we both had.

What made you decide to choose Visagram for your spousal open work permit application?

I got some great reviews about Visagram from a friend that they are very professional with 100% success rate.

How was the process working with Visagram?

Visagram was very professional throughout the process. They answered each and every question we had and cleared any doubts about the process. They helped us in creating a very strong profile.

Now that your spouse is in Canada, how do you guys feel?

He is my strength and now I have my strength back.