Provincial Nominee Program

New Brunswick PNP pathway as a Student


The province of New Brunswick is located on Canada’s East Coast on the Atlantic Ocean, with a population of approximately 781,476 (2020 census) with its spectacular landscape in the Maritime Province. It offers a very distinct lifestyle, breathtaking natural scenery, friendly people, a safe and secure environment and an appreciation of the skills and experiences of newcomers. With its affordable lifestyle, universal government-funded health care and easy access to eastern Canada’s urban centers, this province is fast becoming the destination of choice for new Immigrants. What is NBPNP New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program? The NBPNP is an immigration program made possible [...]

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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program – International Skilled Worker


Saskatchewan is a province of Canada and is one of the prairie provinces. It is a beautiful province situated in Western Canada constituting vibrant cities, natural open parks and open to several activities including canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, golfing, etc. Saskatchewan is known as the Land of Living Skies most notably because the sky here is constantly lit up with a beautiful light display with bright orange and pink colours during sunset and clear blue daytime skies. How does Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Work? Your first step is to qualify under one of the four categories offered by this program International [...]

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